SVP Spring Term Newsletter

23 April 2024 | Miss Dominique Bell | Share this article

Youth SVP has had a very successful Spring Term. We have had a small group of Year 7 and 8s join our team and they came with lots of enthusiasm and brilliant ideas for the summer term. We are very excited to have them on board!

We were finally able to host our Bingo night at Hilgay Care Home in Burgess Hill! We were all so excited for bingo, but definitely a little bit nervous too as we didn’t know how the residents would interact with us, but it was really run for both residents and Youth SVP students. It was lovely to not only support the residents in participating in the games but having conversations with them too. This was a huge success and both sixth formers and residents hugely enjoyed it. Thank you to Mr Emmott, Miss Bell, Mrs Hawkes, Mr Duffield and Anthony from the Youth Hub Team who supported us with this event! It would not have been at all possible without your time and effort.

We held a Lenten Stations of the Cross reflection session using the Youth SVP Make Poverty a Priority, with a really great turnout of 28 Year 8s. Thank you to Mr Emmott, Miss Moody and Father Chris who supported us with this.

Finally, with our new SVP students we wrote some bidding prayers which were then used to support the Easter liturgies during Holy Week.

We hope you all had a restful Easter, and we are looking forward to the summer term! We have lots of exciting ideas for the school and community for the upcoming term!

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