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The Admissions Process


Apply online to West Sussex

The first step is to complete the Local Authority's Common Application Form (CAF). This is an online process and must be completed between September and October when your child is in Year 6 of primary school.

Late applications are only considered after all offers to those who applied on time have been made.

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Deadline: 25th October 2024


Complete our form

Next, please complete our Governors' Supplementary Information Form (SIF) so that we can categorise your application in accordance with our admissions policy.

Whilst this form is not compulsory, if not submitted, the Governors can only consider your application within the last criterion of our admissions policy.

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Updated 16/04/2024

Wait for your offer

The local authority are responsible for making offers for places at schools in West Sussex and usually do so on the first working day of March.

Depending on how you completed the CAF in step 1, West Sussex County Council will contact you by email or by post.


Accepting or appealing

If you wish to accept the offer made by the local authority, you do not need to do anything.

However, if you are unhappy with the decision made by the local authority, there is an appeals process that you can follow.

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The process outlined in this section is for children transitioning from primary to secondary education. Please see 'In-Year Admissions' (below) for information about joining us during the academic year into Years 7 to 11.


If your child's application is unsuccessful, you have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel. Appeals must be made in writing and must outline the reasons on which the appeal is made.

Appealing is a stringent process where parents present their case as to why they feel their child should be admitted to St Paul’s. Each case is heard, privately and confidentially, by an independent panel of professionals, who whilst having good knowledge of the education system, are not affiliated to St Paul’s in any way.

Appeals usually take place in April or May. In the meantime, you can ask to have your child added to the in-year waiting list should you wish to do so.

Mrs Dennis-Smith working with a student

In-Year Admissions


Complete in-year admissions form

To apply for an in-year place during the academic year for your child into Years 7 to 11, please complete our in-year application form and return it directly to the College. There is no need to apply to the local authority in the case of in-year admissions.

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Updated 14/10/2021

In-Year Admissions Policy 2023-2024

Submit your evidence

Please provide a copy of a utility bill or bank statement to verify your child's address as main place of residence.

If your child is Catholic, we also require a copy of their baptismal certificate. Your child's priest must sign and stamp Part 3 of the form to confirm that they practise their faith regularly (attending mass at least once a month).


Wait for processing

We aim to process applications within 15 days of receipt. We will confirm in writing your child's position on our waiting list.

You are able to appeal through the usual appeals process (outlined above) if your child's application is not accepted.


Stay in touch

We will contact you if and when a place becomes available for your child at St Paul's. In the meantime, we will contact you once a year to enquire whether you wish for your child to remain on our waiting list.

We are unable to hold places and if a child is offered a place they are expected to commence within seven days of the offer.

In-year admissions is the term used to describe the process of applying to join St Paul's Catholic College during the academic year into Years 7 to 11. This process is different to the primary to secondary transition process described above.

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