Important Information: Results Day

Supporting Students

“The care, guidance and support provided throughout the school are outstanding”


Committed to our students

Academic support

Teachers deliver well differentiated lessons designed to meet the needs of their specific learners. Subject leaders and heads of years (HOYs) monitor student progress using data gathered from assessments interim reports, profiles and mock exams. Together, these teams implement a range of measures to support students with their academic progress.

Pastoral support

Students spend time with their tutor in form time or assembly every day. Our tutors develop a nuturing, caring and supportive relationship with each individual. Tutors help students with personal, social and academic issues and liaise with parents/carers, heads of years (HOYs) and other staff.

Learning support

The education that we provide to students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) is second to none. Our Learning Support department are experienced at working with students with the broadest range of specific learning needs.

Systems to track and monitor

Our comprehensive purpose-built systems for tracking and monitoring progress, achievement, behaviour and safeguarding means that we are able to intervene at the earliest possible opportunity. We evaluate the impact of each intervention to ensure their effectiveness.