Important Information: Collection of Examination Results – August 2019

Pupil Premium

Closing the gap in attainment

Schools nationally have identified a widening gap in the attainment of students from economically disadvantaged families and their peers. Pupil Premium is additional funding provided by government to support these students and close the gap in attainment.

About Pupil Premium

The criteria

A student will appear on our Pupil Premium register if they meet any of the criteria:

  • Currently in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM);
  • Having received Free School Meals some time in the past 6 years, even if not receiving FSM right now (known as the Ever 6 FSM measure);
  • Students from service families;
  • Children who are 'looked after' (CLA).

Schools are free to use the Pupil Premium as they see fit but must be accountable for how the Pupil Premium has been used.

We closely monitor the progress of all our Pupil Premium students in line with their peers and provide interventions to those students who require them to support their learning and help them achieve their maximum potential.

Total Students on Roll and Percentage Receiving Free School Meals

The Funding

Pupil Premium Funding 2014 - 2017

  • £100,000
  • £80,000
  • £60,000
  • £40,000
  • £20,000
  • £0
  • 2014 - 2015
  • 2015 - 2016
  • 2016 - 2017
  • £67,425
  • £73,385
  • £75,540

How we spend it

Support for Pupil Premium students is provided in a number of ways, including the provision of extra curriculum resources and targeted support by teachers, Heads of Year, Learning Support Assistants and others.

Progress is monitored regularly through interim reports and profiles. Any concerns, including potential underachievement, are followed up by the appropriate Head of Key Stage. Our College Leadership Team (CLT) closely monitor these interventions and are personally involved with individual mentoring of students. Targeted interventions and support for each relevant student are carefully monitored and evaluated.

In addition to the Pupil Premium funding provided by government, financial support arising from hardship is provided from Governors' funds and our E-Learning Foundation to provide computers for use at school and at home, educational visits, home to school transport, uniform, musical instruments and other learning resources.

Our Interventions


  • Literacy and numeracy support
  • Overstaffing in English, mathematics and science
  • Challenge group
  • Personalised curriculum
  • Personalised learning support (PLS) lessons
  • Any individual support as needed by a child
  • Music tuition support
  • Trips support
  • Uniform support


  • Mathematics mentoring by volunteer staff
  • Cross-year peer mentoring
  • 1-to-1 mentoring with Heads of Year and leadership team
  • 'Early Intervention' (Year 10) mentoring
  • 'Raise a Grade' (Year 11) mentoring
  • Social and emotional mentoring


  • Individual or small group tuitition in English, mathematics, science
  • Anger management
  • Social communication
  • Extended Accelerated Reader

Pupil Premium Outcomes