Staying Happy and Healthy - COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

03 March 2020 | Mr Rob Carter | Share this article

St Paul’s has been following advice and guidance from Public Health England and the Department for Education and although everyone in our community is currently well and healthy, apart from the usual coughs and colds, we will notify you appropriately if this situation changes.

We will contact you directly and post any significant updates or changes on our website, so please have a look at the information there first before calling St Paul's reception if you have any concerns.

The UK government in association with Public Health England has produced advice and guidance for schools and colleges and this has been displayed around St Paul’s on our screens. This provides general principles which help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, for example regular hand washing and carrying a pack of tissues. If you are worried about your symptoms or those of your child, government advice is to call NHS 111. Do not go directly to your GP or other healthcare environment.

A link to the government poster regarding virus prevention advice and guidance is below.

Coronavirus advice for education

As usual we will do all we can to keep everyone at St Paul’s happy and healthy.

Coronavirus Update - 13th March 2020

We thought it would be useful to update you on the latest response to the Coronavirus and guidance given to schools;

  • we have developed a full risk assessment and briefed staff in the school on this. We receive updates each day directly from DfE.
  • we will only update the website and communication if there is any significant change.
  • we have presented and discussed the guidance about basic health care with all students in tutor time.
  • we have increased the cleaning routines in school during the day including door handles.
  • the decision to close or partially close a school is made solely under the guidance of Public Health England and the DfE. This will be either on an individual basis or for schools locally or nationally.
  • we will be guided by the exam boards relating to the summer exam series. If you son or daughter is in Year 11 or Year 13 please reassure them that this will be discussed and planned at a national level. We will of course do all we can to support their learning, progress and revision.
  • we are blessed at St Paul’s as we have a well embedded use of technology to enhance learning. This will be very valuable if we are asked to close at any point.

It is incumbent on us, as adults, to help our children make sense of this situation and show a rational and measured response to the challenge that we face in this country. Can I urge you to have this discussion with your children and reassure them that we will continue to support them to flourish, be happy and healthy in all we do.

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