9-5 Performance

01 March 2024 | Mr Michael Joyce | Share this article

Review credit: Ashtyn Roworth
Picture credit: Leonie Rideout

"The Bailey Hall was transformed into a world of empowerment, and infectious energy of the hit classics of Dolly Parton’s “9-5”. Directed by Mr Joyce, the musical adaptation of the iconic 1980 film brings to life the story of three women navigating the challenges of their workplace inequality with humour, solidarity, and wit from start to finish.

Being a member of the cast, I had the privilege of experiencing this musical come to life, from its beginning in September to its emotional final performance. Our lead’s: Natasha Lawrence as Violet Newstead, Heather Clark as Doralee Rhodes and Ashtyn Roworth as Judy Bernley showed outstanding skill as their characters fight against injustices introduced by the “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical” Mr Hart played by Oli Easton.

The ensemble put their heart and soul into every number making the overall atmosphere of the musical numbers a true highlight. From the empowering anthem "9 to 5" to the heartfelt ballad, "Let Love Grow” each song adds depth and emotion to the narrative. The choreography is equally as impressive, with lively dance routines shaped by the incredible dance troupe lead and by the inspiring Miss Barber and Mrs Barham.

Finally, no show would be the same without the immensely talented orchestra, lead by the brilliant Mr Stewart. The whole live band are dedicated, passionate and hardworking and make the atmosphere truly magical.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed and everyone who watched praised the energy and sheer joy shown by this talented young cast. Show week always captures the hard work and commitment of a truly talented cast, crew, and orchestra - well done to everyone involved!"

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