St Paul’s Musical "OLIVER!" - Review

01 March 2019 | Rosie Hastings (Y13) | Share this article

St Pauls brought Dickens’ classic tale of Oliver Twist to life this year, through music, singing, dancing and acting.

With a professional standard orchestra made up of both students and teachers and outstanding performers ranging from as young as eleven to eighteen; it was a show to remember!

This musical really was full of “small pleasures” covering a range of emotions from the light-hearted banter between Fagin (Charlie Mills) and The Artful Dodger (T.J. Sargent), to the heartfelt and emotional performances of ‘As long as he needs me’ (Sophie Bowman – Nancy) and ‘Where is love?’ (William Dunn – Oliver), and even the slick and incredibly dark humour of The Sowerberrys (Alfred Stokes-Myers and Rosie Hastings) this musical has it all!

On top of all this the ensemble numbers were amazingly energetic, and you could really tell that every single student enjoyed performing this musical as much as the audience enjoyed watching it. Not a single emotion was missed with the audience in heaps of laughter and even shedding a tear.

Performed in the round – ‘Oliver!’ at St Pauls – provided an immersive experience alongside the visually pleasing lighting (Liam Brown) that aided the pace and energy of the performance. ‘Oliver!’ at St. Pauls was one to be enjoyed by all ages and the audience truly could consider themselves at home!

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