"St Paul’s Students do us proud"

20 August 2018 | Mr Rob Carter | Share this article

Students from St Paul’s have received some fantastic A level results today with 85% being awarded A*-C grades and 61% of these grades being A*-B overall.

This is down to the hard-work and dedication of the students, the inspiration of their teaching and the support and care of all their families. We are very happy to see them going on to their choice of universities, training and employment.

Stand-out performances came from David Batchelder (Maths (Morse), Warwick) and Lewis Bentley (International Business, Loughborough), James Bokor-Ingram (Maths with Fianance and Investment Banking, Reading), Dale Connellan (UCL, History), Sean Crawford (Economics and Management, Oxford), Dominique Froud, Roberto Gallotta (Maths and Business Studies, Liverpool), Jack Gumm (Maths, Bath), Daniel Holbrook (Geo-Physics, Imperial College London), Aolani Holiday (Sport and Exercise Science, Surrey), Louisa Jupp, Christopher McQuaker (Computer Science, Southampton), Isabel Oakley (Veterinary Science, Liverpool), Daniel Moiseiwitsch (Maths, Lancaster), Esther Monaghan Windsor (Politics and Spanish, Leeds), Geogina Moors (Sport Rehabilitation, St Mary’s University), Gregory Pearson, Martin Rattray (Physics, Southampton), Cornelius Ray (Law, Exeter) and Ella Ward (Business Management, Manchester Metropolitan) who all got straight A* and A grades in three or more A levels.

We are really proud of the students as they receive their results today. We will miss them all as they finish their time at St Paul’s.

— Hilary Morfitt, Director of Key Stage 5 Achievement at the College

The students have worked hard to achieve their potential as well as flourishing and developing personally in their academic, personal and spiritual lives. I shared this with some of them recently as we went to volunteer in Uganda with two charity projects this summer. We wish them every happiness and success in the future in all that they do.

— Rob Carter, Headteacher

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