St Paul’s Staff Smash Year 11’s!

28 June 2017 | Henry Tomkins (Year 8) | Share this article

On Friday the 26th May 2017, St Paul’s staff played a football match on the AstroTurf against the Year 11’s football team. It was a strong match which ended 5-3 to the St Paul’s staff.

'Man of the Match', Mr Duffield scored 4 goals including a penalty. The YR11’s missed a penalty early on in the match which was saved by Mr Patterson. Unfortunately, after the first goal, Mr Patterson was taken off injured. It looks to be a bruised rib. He did not return to the game after that.

Here are some stats about the staff team:

  • Mr Hurst – Right Midfield, Strong shot, got a few tricks up his sleeve
  • Mr Daniels – Striker, Accurate shooting, team player, right footed
  • Mr Goodby – Centre Back, got a lot of skill, leader of men
  • Mr Matthews – Right-Back, good right foot, playmaker
  • Mr Clark – Centre Back, good clearer of the ball, team player
  • Mr Curwin – Left Midfield, good accuracy, good at long shots
  • Mr Clayton – Central Midfielder, committed, good tackler
  • Mr Joyce – Goalkeeper, good catcher, team player
  • Mr Gainey – Left-Back, strong leader, Playmaker
  • Mr Duffield – Striker, strong right foot, got a few tricks up his sleeve
  • Mr Patterson – Goalkeeper, great agility, not afraid to go into dangerous situations
  • Dr Arbon – Centre Back, good passer of the ball, strong tackles
  • Mr McCrann – Central Midfielder, accurate passes, good physical
  • Mr Carter – Central Attacking Midfielder, good physical, not afraid to shoot
  • Mr Corrigan – Central Midfielder, playmaker, not afraid to get stuck in
  • Mr Byrne – Centre Back, good at clearing the ball, great defending

The game started of with a bang. About 3 minutes in a penalty was awarded to the YR11’s. Jacob stepped up to take the penalty but it was saved by Mr Patterson. Both teams had various shots after this some on target some not. It stayed like this in till the yr11’s knocked a long ball over the top of the Staff’s defence which was picked up by the YR11 striker and headed into the goal. During this Mr Patterson was knocked by the YR11 striker with led to him missing out the rest of the game with a bruised rib injury. Shortly after this Jacob hit a wonderful strike from just inside the box into the bottom corner to put the score to 2-0. After this the Staff started to take control of the game. After Mr Daniels hit the crossbar, Mr Curwin hit a lovely strike which was curled in the top corner from outside the box. The Staff continued this momentum by scoring another goal. A lovely through ball by Mr Corrigan lead to Mr Duffield neatly slotting it away into the bottom corner.

The second half was started by Mr Duffield trying the halfway-line spectacular which was easily collected by the YR11 goalkeeper. Nothing happened for the next ten minutes but it was still the Staff’s game. Similar to the first goal, a ball was lifted over the top and neatly put away in the bottom corner, but this time it was the Staff that scored it. Mr Duffield getting his second of the night. About 5 minutes later a penalty was awarded to the Staff. Mr Duffield stepped up to take and it and scored getting his hat-trick and the match ball. With the score and 4-2 and 10 minutes left to play, the game looked to be owned by the Staff but the YR11’s responded quickly and about 1 minute from kick-off scored a neat goal. It looked like there was time for a comeback. Their hopes were quickly obliterated when Mr Duffield took the ball past the YR11 keeper and got his fourth goal. It was full-time with the Staff winning the match 5-3 and Mr Duffield wining 'Man of the Match' after his performance.

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