Inspire TSA

Inspire TSA

Inspire is a network of innovative schools and universities committed to excellence in leadership, faith and progress.

What we do

  • Delivering CPD to school leaders, teachers, support staff and governors;
  • Investing in research through post-graduate study and action research;
  • Developing potential leaders from future leaders through to senior leadership;
  • Providing school-to-school support to individual schools and academies;
  • Offering outstanding school-based teacher training in highly successful schools;
  • Facilitiating retraining or the return to teaching for qualified professionals;

About Inspire

The Alliance is led by St Paul's Catholic College, a National Teaching School and National Support School in West Sussex. We work very closely with our strategic partners who cover a broad area of the South East region and share a firm commitment to 'outstanding education and learning'.

We have a wide range of other schools, universities and organisations as associate partners who are also actively involved including the delivery of the School Direct programme. We warmly invite you to get involved in all that we do and look forward to working with you in the future.

Miss Dennis-Smith in a geography lesson

Delivering CPD

Inspire works closely with other TSAs to deliver a vast range of professional development opportunities for teachers, support staff, governors, local authorities and companies across the south of England.

Professional Learning
Girls sharing ideas in a history class

Investing in research

The best teaching is grounded in research and innovation. We have a shared commitment to encouraging and supporting staff with post-graduate study and action research.

Research & Development
Miss Chadburn supporting sixth form student

Developing potential leaders

Our three highly successful leadership programmes cater for primary and secondary specialists working at all levels of leadership including potential leaders.


Smiling student in class

Providing school-to-school support

We have the capacity to work with individual schools, academies, local authorities or diocese in leading school improvement and ensuring that together we can achieve the best opportunities for success.

Raising Achievement
Mr Matthews supporting student in music

School-based teacher training

If you are looking to train in outstanding and innovative schools then Inspire Teaching School Alliance is the right place to start your journey as a teacher.

Train to teach
Art student working on coursework

Returning to teaching

Inspire provides training for those already qualified as a teacher but who have been out of the profession and are interested to return to teaching, either in the same or a different subject.

Return to teaching

We're happy to help

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