Annecy and St Paul’s Partnership

05 September 2017 | Mr Rob Carter | Share this article

There have been strong links between Annecy and St Paul’s for many years and we are looking, with the support of the Diocese, to expand on this further in the year ahead and beyond.

St Paul’s is an outstanding school and leads Inspire Teaching School Alliance and the Sussex Maths Hub. We have a responsibility to share innovative and successful practice across Sussex and beyond. Within this work, there is a focus on raising achievement and developing partnerships with other schools. This includes successfully developing learning, teaching, leadership, teacher training and development.

Annecy has continued to develop and flourish in many ways as a school in the last year. A newly formed governing body has been established and extensive work has been undertaken with the local authority and diocese. The school is at a stage where this can be developed further by working in a formal partnership with St Paul’s.

To establish this partnership, we have invited Rob Carter to become Executive Headteacher at Annecy and to bring leadership capacity to the work being done together. Mr Carter is a National Leader of Education and has successfully led St Paul’s since 2009 including periods of executive leadership in other schools. He will remain as Headteacher at St Paul’s during this time and have a strategic and operational responsibility for both schools, whilst Mrs Thompson continues in her role as Headteacher at Annecy.

Mr Carter will work closely with Mrs Thompson, as Headteacher, in developing best practice as we progress towards securing a good grading in our next Ofsted inspection. This follows the success of the Section 48 inspection in March which graded Annecy good in all areas. In the coming term we will be exploring how to formally develop the governance of the two schools as we work together for the long term benefit of Catholic education. This will be done in conjunction with both the diocese and local authority.

We are excited about the opportunities this chapter of development will provide for both schools to enrich the experience of all the students, staff and families within our school communities.

Parents at Annecy are invited to meet Mr Carter and Mrs Thompson on September 20th at either 9.15 a.m. or 7 p.m. to hear more about the vision and direction of this work and spend time in the school.

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