School Funding Letter to MP

21 March 2017 | Mr Rob Carter | Share this article

In spite of the increasingly damaging financial situation, no adequate response has been provided in terms of our concerns about current and future spending proposals made by the Department for Education.

Please find attached a copy of a very important school funding letter to our local MP:

There is no question that a new National Funding Formula is urgently required but it must be credible and reverse the unsustainable and deeply unsatisfactory methodology that is currently used to allocate school funds.

Rather than making matters better, the new National Funding Formula proposals do not offer meaningful solutions to our current and future school finances. Amongst many issues, key points that remain include:

  • The new National Funding Formula is not new. It is based on a flawed and outdated model.
  • As a consequence, considerable and completely unacceptable inequalities will persist in our school funding arrangements.
  • The new National Funding Formula attempts to ignore inflationary cost pressures that all schools are enduring.
  • The Department for Education does not know what the minimum funding required for an individual pupil is and how this relates to minimum school funding for a school to adequately resource staffing and equipment.
  • The assumption that schools all have ‘further efficiencies’ to make is fundamentally flawed, especially for those schools that have been severely low funded for an extended period of time.

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